Trendy Plus Size Clothing


trendy plus size fashionA lot of women are aiming for ridiculously skinny bodies because they believe that it is the only way that they’ll look great and fabulous in a dress. What they do not know is that there are a lot of trendy styles and clothes that will look even better in curvy women. The trick is to find the right clothes that will flatter your figure. Having a curvy body doesn’t mean that you should hide yourself in baggy or unflattering clothes. There are a lot of trendy plus size clothing that will surely go well with the figure of plus size women.

Looking for cool, sexy and trendy plus size clothing can be challenging, especially if you concentrate on clothes that will only fit the figure of a small or petite woman. Do not torture yourself by thinking that you’ll be better off being skinny since there are tons of designers today that are creating amazing clothes that were made to flatter the figure of a woman. While you’ll find some plus size clothing that are meant to cover up the body, you’ll find a lot more that will suit any type of mood or occasion, either you’re dressing up for a special event, or for that night when you’re feeling extra flirty. Curvy women today have choices that are just as wide as skinny girls. Plus, if you’re not sure how to dress according to your size or pick plus size clothing, do not worry because our guide below can help you get started.


Flaunt It, Don’t Hide It


One big mistake that many curvy women do is that they tend to hide their bodies. The key to looking like a complete knock out while wearing a trendy dress is not to hide your body but to actually emphasize your luscious curves. One way to flatter your figure while wearing plus size dresses or tops is to choose clothes that will contour as well as shape your body. Do not go for oversized or shapeless clothes since these will only make you look bigger. Trendy plus size clothes that have great detail like embellishments or trims can highlight your assets (like your gifted bosom).


Pear-Shaped Clothes


When you go to a store, you’ll often find the trendy outfits separated according to the type of body frame that will suit it the best. For plus size women, the most common body frame is a pear-shaped body. If your upper body is noticeably bigger than your lower body, then you most probably have a pear-shaped physique. Women that have pear-shaped bodies have their own set of advantages. For example, a pear-shaped body will definitely have curvy thighs and hips. Since the upper half of the body is the biggest asset for girls with pear shaped bodies, semi-fitted blouses will fit them the best. Maxi dresses plus straight skirts will also go well with a pear-shaped body since these types of clothes will elongate the look of their legs.


The Essentials


Every woman needs to have an essential item in their wardrobe. An essential item is basically a piece of trendy clothing that will look great on almost everything you partner it with. There are 3 essential items that should definitely be in every girl’s wardrobe and they are: the little black dress, the plus size denim pants, and the white blouse. The little black dress is every girl’s best friend (aside from diamonds!). Even a simple black dress will look great on any girl, plus it makes a lady look sexier and slimmer. Go for a trendy black dress with a hem that goes a little bit below the knee. As for the denim pants, looking for the most convenient pair can be hard considering that there are so many styles to choose from. Try to look for boot cut jeans since this type of jeans will flatter any body type or figure. Try to avoid tapered jeans that have a low-rise fit. As for the blouse, try to find any white blouse that has attractive patterns or trims that will flatter the upper half of your body. Even a non-printed white blouse that has excellent stitching or details will work great and will match with any type of outfit.


Where to Shop


We’ve mentioned earlier that a lot of designers today are creating amazing, trendy lines of clothing for plus size women. However there are also shops that will cater solely for curvy or plus size women. Evans, Ann Harvey, and New Look Inspire are some shops that are worth visiting for a start. Evans is one of the very first stores to open a line that is exclusively for plus size women. They have amazing clothes and dresses that will fit a size 14-32. Ann Harvey is your go-to place if you’re looking for trendy plus size clothing that will be suited for those formal events. Ann Harvey sells formal and upper-end tailoring outfits for evening wear. They have clothes that will fit a size 16-32.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help


When you’re in a shop or boutique and you do not know how to dress according to your plus size, or which outfit would look better on you, do not be afraid to ask for help from the shop assistants or personal shoppers. There are many stores that have personal shoppers who are well experienced in choosing the right outfit, no matter what body type you have. Ann Harvey and Evans are one of these stores that have an excellent personal shopper system.